Updates to ChargeStationNotifications API

Adding fields and query parameters to the ChargeStationNotifications API to make it better usable.


Updates to MeterValue API

Adding additional fields and query parameters to the MeterValues object as well as improving consistency.


Updates to Patch Session

The Push-Session payloads are updated to better accommodate a new Parking/Charging algorithm. Sessions sent more often than every 15 minutes will be sent in a 'compact' outline.

Location publishing via Platform APIs

Originally Locations were only available for Platform/CPO Data APIs if they were also set to 'published'. This was however causing issues for some customers who wanted all locations but avoid having to necessarily set the state to publish.

MeterValue limit update

The MeterValues API limit has been increased to 10.000 per call, up from 100 previously. This will also now be the default value.

Welcome to GreenFlux

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for GreenFlux!