Charge Location Management API

New APIs to create and update Charge Stations and Locations


GreenFlux is releasing a new set of APIs called 'Charge Location Management API'.

These APIs have the following new properties:

  • ability to create and update Location & Charge Station (as opposed to only read)
  • additional fields to populate your data warehouses (all fields visible in the EvPortal

As part of the growing maturity in the EV market, we see more of our CPOs asking for APIs to not only read but also create and update Locations and Charge Stations.

Who are these APIs for?

First of all, these are CPO specific APIs.

Potential use cases
Better data analytics/BI

  • The Locations v 2.0 endpoint as it has additional fields and additional functionality (custom groups, remarks, maintenance info etc).
  • The Charge Station API holds Charge Station configuration and other custom GreenFlux field (e.g. charger type)

Create and Manage Locations and Charge Station from custom applications

  • CPOs can integrate their own CRM/Asset management system more closely.
    • Some CPOs who have built front-ends for their end Customers (e.g. B2B, municipalities, condominium owners). The new APIs would also allow end-Customers to e.g. change tariff codes or availability of a Charge Station through CPO-owned applications
    • From a CPOs CRM system, e.g. Salesforce, once a new Location is created, with a click of a button it could be created in the GFX platform instead of downloading information and uploading via CSV files.
  • Build third-party installer Apps. An installer could use a custom built app to link a just-placed Charge Station with a Location and perform basic tests, instead of having to contact central support

Release plan

The Charge-Location Management API will be made available over the course of Q4 2022 to our Customers as a Beta. On an invite-only basis, we would like for our Customer to test the new functionality. We will actively engage to get feedback on content and structure.

During this Beta-release period, GreenFlux reserves the right to make changes with shorter notice periods than usual. Until GreenFlux has officially indicated that it is a stable API, we ask Customers not to build any business critical processes on top of this API.

Our intention is to have a stable release by the end of the year.


The API specs are available below as well as an accompanying guide:
Charge Station spec:
Locations v2:


As we continue to improve the API, changes will be outlined in a specific page here Changelog Charge Location management API