Location publishing via Platform APIs

Originally Locations were only available for Platform/CPO Data APIs if they were also set to 'published'. This was however causing issues for some customers who wanted all locations but avoid having to necessarily set the state to publish.

GreenFlux will add a new field to the Location object called 'publish', which is a boolean value.
This field will also be present in OCPI 2.2.

    "id": "353373fe-2431-422e-a66f-21fb1697d840",
    "type": "ON_STREET",
    "publish": false,
    "name": "Test location",

This means that CPOs will now be able to get all of their locations via the API and filter on published on their side.

Changes area already available in Acceptance. A Location might need to be re-saved first for this field to populate. For the main release we will trigger a location refresh.

Since the Location object is part of CDRs and Sessions module as well, this field will be added to those schemas as well.

Release Time: Thursday October 18th.


Location status

Only Charge station with the status 'Production' will be shared. Those on Stock or Deprecated will not be shared via this API.