Parking time added to CDRs

GreenFlux added the calculated parking time to CDRs on Monday December 5th 2022.

As defined in OCPI, the 'total parking time' field is total duration during this session that the EV is not being charged (no energy being transferred between EVSE and EV), in hours.
The field already existed, but it was null. Now it is '0.0' in case of no parking time detection.


Note: 'total_time' represents the total duration of this session (including the duration of charging and not charging), in hours.

In the Charging periods, parking is not included as a separate dimension. This will be added in future iterations.

For information how GreenFlux calculates parking time, see here.

Useful calculations

This will now allow CPOs to calculate effective charging time as well as average charging speed.
Please note that parking time is calculated at least one metervalue interval later, so ~900 seconds for most AC stations.

Charging (€) for Parking time

GreenFlux is developing capabilities to allow CPOs to set and charge separate prices for parking time. This is schedule in the first half of 2022.