Remote Commands API

New API to sent Commands to the Charge Stations


The Remote Command API allows CPOs to perform actions on their Charge Stations that were currently only available via the EvPortal or in case of Reservations, not enabled at all.

Charge Station Commands:

  • Start session
  • Stop session
  • Unlock Connector
  • Reset


  • ReserveNow
  • CancelReservation

Find the API specs here
Additional information provided in the Guide

Use Cases

For the Charge Station Commands, a key use-case we see is that CPOs want to create their own Support tools that give them more capabilities. For example:

  • a Support Center using bespoke software could integrate 'Unlock Connector' or 'Stop session' functionalities when a Customer calls
  • a venue (gas station, shop etc.) can start a session in case a EV driver has issues to start using their RFID card or App
  • a CPO can integrate the Reservation use case in their mobile application

Beta release

The API is available in Acceptance for Customer willing to test it. It is currently in a Beta stage where we hope to test it with Customers in real world settings and different use cases. Please reach out to your CSM to get access.

Note on Reservations

In general, GreenFlux believes that Reservations in the current OCPP and OCPI ecosystem are NOT a good functionality and is practically unworkable in a public/on-street domain.

There are specific use cases in the semi-public area:

  • in workplace parking, a certain number of Charge Stations can only be used if reserved beforehand. The CPO would provide employees using the site access to a 'Reservations application'. The CPO could limit reservations to half days or charge extra
  • semi-public DC charging - example is an industrial area where multiple companies would share a DC fast-charging hub. Participating companies could guarantee themselves a place using a reservation application.
    Or one company wants to give access to their extra capacity, but limit it by time of day.

However, the above use cases only work if CPOs create bespoke reservation Apps with custom logic on top of the Reservation APIs by GreenFlux.

Please view this page for more information on our current view regarding implementing reservations: Reservations