Updates to ChargeStationNotifications API

Adding fields and query parameters to the ChargeStationNotifications API to make it better usable.


  • additional fields to understand messages
  • real-time endpoint to call a single Charge Station (e.g. if you build your own diagnostics portal, you can see all messages in real time. The Get all endpoint is refreshed once an hour)
  • filter on message_action. This can be useful to filter only on StatusNotifications and ignore Heartbeats or TriggerMessages that are not relevant for you

New fields

Field nameDescription
location_idthis field will replace "charge_location_id"
direction ToChargePoint
message_actionThis field will replace MessageName to make the formatting more consistent
message_typeIndicating the OCPP message type (from client or from server)

To be deprecated fields


Required query parameters

date_from, date_to and limit have been made mandatory query parameters.
This has to do with stability of retrieving notifications.

Dates can be max. 72h apart and the Limit is at least 10000


To be deprecated fields

Complete deprecated:

  • id
    The id field is an GreenFlux Db reference field with no value. Customers should use the 'charge_station_notification_id' which is the ID in the OCPP message

replaced fields

  • MessageAction --> message_action
  • charge_location_id --> location_id

Fields will be deprecated by January 1st 2023.

Overview changes

"charge_station_notification_id": "ID in OCPP Message",
"charge_station_id": "SAMPLE-CHARGESTATION-ID",
"charge_location_id": "e649f5c0-a177-4ff1-a0c8-c4285ffc8aad", //TO BE DEPRECATED, REPLACED WITH location_id
"location_id": "e649f5c0-a177-4ff1-a0c8-c4285ffc8aad",
"charge_station_message_payload": "",
"created": "2021-08-01T07:00:37Z",
"level": "Info",
"message_type": "2", 
"messageAction": "SetChargingProfile",//TO BE DEPRECATED, REPLACED WITH message_action
"message_action": "SetChargingProfile",
"direction": "ToChargePoint" 

new query parameter

Now it is possible to query on message_action, e.g. to only get StatusNotifications and ignore TriggerMessages, Heartbeats etc.