Q: Can I get historic data
A: Data is accessible from the day the API connection is made. If a customer wishes to retrieve 'historic data', this needs to be requested via our Customer Support and can be shared via CSV files.

Q: What is the historical availability of Data per API

  • CDR - No expiry
  • Locations - It shows the current status and properties of given Locations. No history of past Location updates is available
  • Sessions - No expiry
  • MeterValues - No expiry
  • ChargeStation Status Notifications - 90 days. This is a complete history of every recorded change for all charge stations
  • CRM - It shows the current CRM data. No history of past CRM updates is available

Please note that due to refactoring or database changes, data might not be available all the way back. Please contact GreenFlux support for historical data.

We strongly recommend Customers to keep an additional storage of historical data if possible.