API overview

GreenFlux provides software for both CPOs and eMSPs. Our key interface is our 'EV-Portal', that provides all functionality for partners to manage their business.
In addition, GreenFlux provides APIs to allow direct connection. Below is a schematic overview:



On the EMSP side we currently provide are CRM API that allows connection between the partners own CRM/ERP system to manage Customers, Drivers and Tokens/RFID cards.

Link to Guide: CRM API | Link to API: Crm

2) Charge Assist APIs

GreenFlux provides a white-label app called 'Charge Assist'. Partners can either request their own white-label version or build a custom app using our APIs.

The Charge Assist API can be used for eMSP purposes or by CPOs to provide additional ways to access charge stations
Link to Guide: Charge Assist API |


2a) Charge Station Data APIs

These APIs provide information on Charge Stations, Locations and charging events:

These APIs provide CPOs with information on their locations as well as any activity that is ongoing on their charge stations.

Except for MeterValues, all other data can be Pushed in real-time to CPOs.

2b) Charge Station management API

APIs to manage charge stations and Locations

  • Create and manage Charge Stations
  • Update Locations
  • Remote Commands

2c)Smart Charging API

GreenFlux has advanced Smart Charging technology. To manage the system dynamically based on inputs from partners, we provide a range of APIs.

  • Setup and manage capacity groups
  • set max. capacity
  • set update scenarios

4) Roaming API

GreenFlux has capabilities to allow for direct roaming connections between CPOs and eMSP.

The process is standardized with the OCPI and OICP protocols and out of scope for this documentation.

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