App Token and Token overview

This page should help clarify some naming conventions and help understand how things fir together


  • Token - This is the Charge Card / RFID token
  • AppToken - unique identifier of a User/Driver within Charge Assist

Use of AppToken

Within the Charge Assist domain, the way to identify an individual User is the appToken.
This is the key identifier to which to attach Payment Methods, Sessions or favourite locations.


This appToken can be related to a User/Driver id from another system. This could be the Driver ID if the Customer uses GreenFlux CRM module or from a proprietary system.


A Driver has two methods to pay for their charging session:

  1. Charge card (i.e. RFID card)
  2. External payment method (e.g. Credit card)

Each of these payment methods is converted into a paymentMethodId ("id") that is required to start a session.
The payment methods are linked to the appToken and can be retrieved with the GET Wallet request.