Changelog Charge Location management API



In this page we will outline known bugs, FAQs or thoughts.
Changes made to the API will be outlined here instead of via the changelog.

Known issues/topics

Access type

The Access type field is currently not reflecting the correct values and will be revisited.


In Locations v1, the EVSE ID used to be returned with '*' replacing any special character.
In Locations v2, the EVSE ID is identical to the uid.
We will revisit this topic.

Parking restrictions

Similar to the Direction and Floor Level, the 'Parking Restrictions' in OCPI are set at the EVSE level, however GreenFlux currently only support the enum 'CUSTOMER' as a parking restriction that is set at the Location level.

This will be revisited, but it is likely that at the Location object a 'default_location_parking_restriction' will be set.

Custom Groups

It is currently not possible to retrieve the custom group id via API or find it in the EvPortal. This will be an improvement point.
In general it is 'gfx-' in front and then the name of the Custom Group, with spaced replaced by '-'.
'Alfen chargers' --> 'gfx-alfen-chargers'

Recent changes

Direction and Floor

In OCPI, 'direction' and 'floor_level' reside in the EVSE object. However, we have made the decision to only set them at the Charge Station level (as an EVSE can't really have different floors than its sister-EVSE).
We will introduce two new fields to bring it in line with the EvPortal:

  • 'default_charge_station_direction'
  • 'default_charge_station_floor_level'