Charge Assist Session states

Using the Session Start starts a charging session.
Below are the different states and an overview of the Flow.

Charge Assist Session Flow

Below is an Overview of the transition between diferent states. See State definition further below.

We advise that after a POST Start has been made to immediately start polling for GET Session at a frequent interval until the state 'Charging' is returned (e.g. once every 3-5 seconds).

Once the session is in 'Charging', the payload will include a 'nextStatusCall' recommendation to set the polling schedule.


Charge Assist Session States

Session StatusDescription
REQUESTEDSession is created with REQUESTED status as initial state
REJECTEDError state.
when command cannot be accepted, such as invalid token or blocked connector.
STARTINGWhen the charging station accepts the start command and prepares to start the charging process, the status is changed into STARTING.
CHARGINGWhen the charging session is started (car is now actually charging) status is changed to CHARGING.
PARKINGWhen the car is fully charged and no substantial power is used the status is changed into PARKING. See also Parking detection
STOPPINGWhen a Stop Session is initiated by the User or the EV is disconnected, the status is changed to STOPPING.

This is a short-lived in-progress state until it moves to COMPLETED.
COMPLETEDWhen session is completed and car can be detached status is changed to COMPLETED.

The total costs will also be shown at this stage. If no total costs are shown, there was a calculation or setup error.
CDR_AVAILABLEWhen cost calculation is available status is changed into CDR_AVAILABLE. This should happen very quickly following COMPLETED state.

A CDR as in OCPI specifications is not available in Charge Assist. However, all relevant components to create a receipt are available at this stage.
TIMEOUTWhen there has a been a timeout from the Charge station side. Typically 30 seconds. This is mainly due to no connector inserted.
ERRORGeneral error

Error Codes

Error CodeDescription

Example of a Timed out Command

    "locationId": "nl-gfx-460a0012-ac8f-4c0d-b025-210583913047",
    "evseUid": "NL-GFX-EThomastestCharger1-2",
    "connectorId": "4",
    "status": "TIMEOUT",
    "canRateSession": false,
    "error": "COMMAND_TIMED_OUT",
    "endTime": null,
    "nextStatusCall": "2021-08-11T08:56:28.0471901+00:00",
    "smartChargingEnabled": false,
    "prioritySessionStatus": "NOT_APPLICABLE",
    "vidStatus": "VID_NOT_AVAILABLE",
    "paymentMethodId": "a4711d43-f342-4fb3-8f48-b9da1db86edf",
    "chargingNotAllowed": false