The CRM module of the GreenFlux API is designed for the exchange of GreenFlux customers related asset data from customer's own CRM system to the GreenFlux platform. The CRM module is designed for eMSPs on the GreenFlux platform.

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Main objects

The key objects are:

  • Customer - representing a sub-eMSP entity, e.g. business partner
  • Driver
  • Token
  • Retail package


The Customer represents a sub-eMSP entity, e.g. business partner.

For example, the employees of GreenFlux have a subscription with Joulz as eMSP.
Within Joulz, GreenFlux is a Customer.


The Driver is an actual person who uses the services of the eMSP.

Key requirement is that each Driver has a Retail Packkage attached


A Token is the authentication mechanism across eMSPs and CPOs to identify and verify whether a Driver is authorized to charge at a charge stations.

Retail package

The retail package can currently only be managed via the EV Portal.

It only contains the name as well as a 'monthly fee'.


For completeness the eMSP . It is not an editable object as part of the CRM API, but the eMSP ID needs to be included in every request.

Technical Schema

Below is a relationship schema of the above objects:



Important for CRMs is that there is one version of truth.
Therefore there are two main use cases:

  • customers who use EV Portal as main tool for CRM management. API is used only for PULL.
  • customers with their own CRM and who PUT a copy of their data into our system

There is currently now two-way sync functionality.


  • Customers
  • Drivers
  • Tokens


  • Get all Customers of eMSP

  • Get Customers by CustomerId

  • Get all Driver of eMSP

  • Get Driver by DriverId

  • Get all Tokens of eMSP

  • Get Token by TokenUid

  • Get RetailPackages of eMSP