GreenFlux provides two environments for Customers:

  • Acceptance (test environment)
  • Production (the live environment)

Both environments are code-identical, with some new features available on Acceptance before on Production.


New Customers will first receive access to the Acceptance environment.

This involves :

  • Access to EV Portal to create and manage dummy Locations and Charge stations
  • Creating API connection

API connections options

GreenFlux creates an API connection (internally known as a 'Subscription') based on CPOs. A customer (CPO Network) can have multiple CPOs.

In principle, GreenFlux can create a number of API connections with configuration variations per CPO and per enabled module.


A Customer has three sub-CPOs.

  • They want one subscription from all for all analytics --> Subscription #1
  • CPO #2 is for one specific city and the city wants data for research purposes --> Subscription #2
  • Smart Charging is enabled only for CPO #3. The Customer wants a separate subscription --> Subscription #3

Note: We encourage customers of a certain size to create data solutions on their side to partition and distribute the data to partners.

Testing Charge Stations

Testing with real charge stations

It is possible to test real charging stations in the Acceptance environment. In fact, we strongly encourage testing only on the Acceptance environment and not in the Production environment.

To move a charging station between environments means only to change the Web Socket Server URL.

Virtual Charge Station

GreenFlux has internal tools to simulate a charging session.
In the absence of a real charging station, we can simulate sessions to produce Meter Values, Sessions, CDRs, Location changes etc.

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