Location Data Types

Status enum

The status of an EVSE.

There are OCPI supported statuses (all listed) and those that are in practice in use by GreenFlux.

AVAILABLEThe EVSE/Connector is able to start a new charging session
BLOCKEDThe EVSE/Connector is not accessible because of a physical barrier, i.e. a car.Not used by GreenFlux yet
CHARGINGThe EVSE/Connector is in use.
INOPERATIVEThe EVSE/Connector is not yet active or it is no longer available (deleted
OUTOFORDERThe EVSE/Connector is currently out of order.
PLANNEDThe EVSE/Connector is planned, will be operating soonNot used by GreenFlux yet
REMOVEDThe EVSE/Connector/charge point is discontinued/removedWhen charge station goes from status Production to 'Deprecated' / 'Stock'
RESERVEDThe EVSE/Connector is reserved for a particular EV driver and is unavailable for other
Not used by GreenFlux yet
UNKNOWNNo status information available. (Also used when offline)When charge point detected offline (typically after 3x missed heartbeat)

Capability enum

CHARGING_PROFILE_CAPABLEThe EVSE supports charging profiles. Sending Charging Profiles is not yet supported by OCPI.
CREDIT_CARD_PAYABLECharging at this EVSE can be payed with credit card.
REMOTE_START_STOP_CAPABLEThe EVSE can remotely be started/stopped.
RESERVABLEThe EVSE can remotely be started/stopped.
RFID_READERCharging at this EVSE can be authorized with a RFID token
UNLOCK_CAPABLEConnectors have mechanical lock that can be requested by the eMSP to be unlocked.

ConnectorFormat enum

The format of the connector, whether it is a socket or a plug.

SOCKETThe connector is a socket; the EV user needs to bring a fitting plug
CABLEThe connector is an attached cable; the EV users car needs to have a fitting inlet

ConnectorType enum

The socket or plug standard of the charging point.

CHADEMOThe connector type is CHAdeMO, DC
DOMESTIC_AStandard/Domestic household, type “A”, NEMA 1-15, 2 pins
DOMESTIC_BStandard/Domestic household, type “B”, NEMA 5-15, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_CStandard/Domestic household, type “C”, CEE 7/17, 2 pins
DOMESTIC_DStandard/Domestic household, type “D”, 3 pin
DOMESTIC_EStandard/Domestic household, type “E”, CEE 7/5 3 pins
DOMESTIC_FStandard/Domestic household, type “F”, CEE 7/4, Schuko, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_GStandard/Domestic household, type “G”, BS 1363, Commonwealth, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_HStandard/Domestic household, type “H”, SI-32, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_IStandard/Domestic household, type “I”, AS 3112, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_JStandard/Domestic household, type “J”, SEV 1011, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_KStandard/Domestic household, type “K”, DS 60884-2-D1, 3 pins
DOMESTIC_LStandard/Domestic household, type “L”, CEI 23-16-VII, 3 pins
IEC_60309_2_single_16IEC 60309-2 Industrial Connector single phase 16 Amperes (usually blue)
IEC_60309_2_three_16IEC 60309-2 Industrial Connector three phase 16 Amperes (usually red)
IEC_60309_2_three_32IEC 60309-2 Industrial Connector three phase 32 Amperes (usually red)
IEC_60309_2_three_64IEC 60309-2 Industrial Connector three phase 64 Amperes (usually red)
IEC_62196_T1IEC 62196 Type 1 “SAE J1772”
IEC_62196_T1_COMBOCombo Type 1 based, DC
IEC_62196_T2IEC 62196 Type 2 “Mennekes”
IEC_62196_T2_COMBOCombo Type 2 based, DC
IEC_62196_T3AIEC 62196 Type 3A
IEC_62196_T3CIEC 62196 Type 3A
IEC_62196_T3CIEC 62196 Type 3C “Scame”
TESLA_RTesla Connector “Roadster”-type (round, 4 pin)
TESLA_STesla Connector “Model-S”-type (oval, 5 pin)

EnergySourceCategory enum

Categories of energy sources.

NUCLEARNuclear power sources.
GENERAL_FOSSILAll kinds of fossil power sources.
COALFossil power from coal.
GASFossil power from gas.
GENERAL_GREENAll kinds of regenerative power sources
SOLARRegenerative power from PV.
WINDRegenerative power from wind turbines
WATERRegenerative power from water turbines.


Note: GreenFlux currently does not support input of Environmental Impact

NUCLEAR_WASTEProduced nuclear waste in gramms per kilowatthour.
CARBON_DIOXIDEExhausted carbon dioxide in gramms per kilowatthour.

Facility enum

Categories of energy sources.

HOTELA hotel
RESTAURANTA restaurant
CAFEA cafe
MALLA mall or shopping center
SUPERMARKETA supermarket.
SPORTSport facilities: gym, field etc
RECREATION_AREAA Recreation area.
NATURELocated in, or close to, a park, nature reserve/park etc
MUSEUMA museum.
BUS_STOPA bus stop.
TAXI_STANDA taxi stand.
TRAIN_STATIONA train station.
AIRPORTAn airport.
CARPOOL_PARKINGA carpool parking.
FUEL_STATIONA Fuel station
WIFIWifi or other type of internet available

LocationType enum

Reflects the general type of the charge points location. May be used for user information

ON_STREETParking in public space.
PARKING_GARAGEMultistorey car park.
UNDERGROUND_GARAGEMultistorey car park, mainly underground
PARKING_LOTA cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles, i.e. at super markets,
bars, etc.
OTHERNone of the given possibilities
UNKNOWNParking location type is not known by the operator (default).

ParkingRestriction enum

This value, if provided, represents the restriction to the parking spot
for different purposes.

Note: On the EV Portal, the 'Restricted Access' option for Locations corresponds to the 'Customer' Parking restriction. This should indicate to NSP that this location should not be made visible to Drivers.

EV_ONLYReserved parking spot for electric vehicles.
PLUGGEDParking is only allowed while plugged in (charging
DISABLEDReserved parking spot for disabled people with valid ID.
CUSTOMERSParking spot for customers/guests only, for example in case of a hotel or shop.
MOTORCYCLESParking spot only suitable for (electric) motorcycles or scooters

PowerType enum

AC_1_PHASEAC mono phase.
AC_3_PHASEAC 3 phase.
DCDirect Current.