Location Status mapping

Location Status Mapping

GreenFlux has adoped the mapping below between a bespoke 'GreenFlux' status, OCPP, OCPI and Hubject states.
Some states that are defined in OCPI or OCPP might not be mapped fully

The below overview can help to clarify how to and create a better understanding

OCPI Status

The OCPI Location status definitions and descriptions

StatusDescriptionNotes (by Greenflux)
AVAILABLEThe EVSE/Connector is able to start a new charging session
BLOCKEDThe EVSE/Connector is not accessible because of a physical barrier, i.e. a car.Not used by GreenFlux yet
CHARGINGThe EVSE/Connector is in use.
INOPERATIVEThe EVSE/Connector is not yet active or it is no longer available (deleted
OUTOFORDERThe EVSE/Connector is currently out of order.
PLANNEDThe EVSE/Connector is planned, will be operating soonNot used by GreenFlux yet
REMOVEDThe EVSE/Connector/charge point is discontinued/removedWhen charge station goes from status Production to 'Deprecated' / 'Stock'
RESERVEDThe EVSE/Connector is reserved for a particular EV driver and is unavailable for other
Not used by GreenFlux yet
UNKNOWNNo status information available. (Also used when offline)When charge point detected offline (typically after 3x missed heartbeat)

Mapping Status GreenFlux, OCPI and OCPP

GreenFlux has adoped the mapping below between a bespoke 'GreenFlux' status, OCPP, OCPI and Hubject states.

GreenFlux (in EV Portal)OCPPOCPI (EVSE status)Hubject
not mapped not existingRemoved
not mappednot existingPlanned
not mappednot existingBlocked
Online*Multiple possibleUnknown

EV Portal mapping

In the EV Portal on the Charge Station overview, there are different status columns:

  • Connectivity (‘Connection’)
  • Charge Point status (‘Status’)
  • Charging status (‘charging’)
  • EVSE status (‘Connectors’)

Connection has values: Online, Offline, Unknown
‘Unknown’ is when there was never a connection yet, typically when its at a stock location

Status has the values: Enabled, Disabled, Faulted and Unknown

Charging has the values: Yes, No, Unknown

Connectors have the relevant OCPP statuses: Available, Preparing, Charging, SuspendedEVSE, SuspendedEV, Finishing, Unavailable, Faulted. We also include 'unknown' in case we do not get a response.

Any of the above can have an unknown status, with the main underlying reason that there is no established connection to determine any other status. This occurs typically when the Charge Stationis offline or the Charge Station is not yet in the field.