Parking detection

One of the Charging Dimension properties is PARKING_TIME.

Parking is defined as 'time not charging'.

Unfortunately, there is not unified way to identify when an EV is no longer charging via OCPP messages. It is possible to use 'suspended EV', however it is too unreliable to be used for this purpose.

How GreenFlux identifies parking

When two consecutive MeterValue intervals show less than 600Wh of energy Consumption, the session will go into a 'Parking' State.

The start time of the period is the previous (1st) meter value.

Use case: Charging for parking

This is a topic on the roadmap for GreenFlux, and there are ongoing developments to allow to charge (€) for parking time. This is ongoing as of writing (October 2022) and release date has yet to be set.

Use case: Unlock on Parking

It is possible via the Platform to send a remote command to stop the session and unlock the cable from the EVSE. This would allow the EVSE to be re-used by another EV driver.

This is a BETA feature available for Customers interested.