Removed EVSEs

In OCPI, when a Charge Station doesn't exist anymore or it shouldn't be shared with a certain network anymore, then the EVSE status is set to REMOVED in the Location objected

The same EVSE-id may be re-used in another Location ID. This happens when Charge Stations are e.g. migrated from one Location to another.

Below is an example from the 'origin' Location where an EVSE is removed. Left before migration, right after.
Note that the timestamps are not updated.


This means, that an EVSE-ID can be visible multiple times in the Location response. However, there can only every be one EVSE-ID in a deployed state (i.e. not REMOVED).

For completeness, below is an example of the EVSE in the target Location.
The migraton was at 2022-10-20T07:18:02Z so all timestamps reflect this update.