API Use Cases

Example API integrations from Customers

Internal dashboards

Customers use Session and Location data to create their own dashboards, often combining it with their own data: e.g:

  • Return on investment
  • Profitability (vs actual electricity costs)
  • Utilisation
  • Operations
  • Maintenance

Which APIs are used:

External dashboards

Many CPOs manage charging networks on behalf of third parties, e.g. municipalities. These partners would like insights on their sub-networks as well, similar to internal dashboards.

Some GreenFlux CPOs create specific partner facing portals with data insights that match the use cases.

Connection with CRM system

The GreenFlux CRM API module consists of Customers, Drivers, Tokens and Retail packages. This information needs to be on the GreenFlux system in order to be shared with roaming parties.

EMSPs have their own ERP system to manage their Driver and Token data and sync this with GreenFlux.


GreenFlux does not provide an integrated invoicing solution, but provides the required data in the form of CDRs for Customers to do invoicing.

The basis for this is to retrieve the CDRs via CDR API and load them into the respective Invoicing software. There are many providers here with additional billing rules, so some for of custom integraton and transformation is required here.