Webhooks / Push API

GreenFlux supports both Pull and Push (WebHook) models.

We support Push for:

  • CDR
  • Session
  • Locations
  • Charge station status notifications

Detailed information on the response examples is provided in the guides and API reference.

Overview webhooks

Below is a schematic overview of the different CPO APIs. Click on Image to enlargen.


  • At the start of a charging session, a PUT session request is sent
  • Once an updated MeterValue from the chargestation is received, a PATCH update request is sent
  • Once completed, a final PATCH request is sent.


  • When a new location is created, a PUT request is sent.
  • Upon starting a charging session, the EVSE status is changed from AVAILABLE to CHARGING
    (or unrelated to Charging is could go to a faulted state)
  • Once completed, the EVSE is updated as AVAILABLE again


  • When the CDR is calculated, it is sent as POST

ChargeStation Status Notifications

  • Upon every status update, a PUT update is sent.


  • For completeness, MeterValues are not pushed or available via Webhook. A history of MeterValues can be retrieved via PULL requests.

Setting up webhooks / push API

Please see this section: setting up push connection

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