Charge Location Management APIs



The Charge-Location Management API is available to all Customers. However, it is still in Beta as we are awaiting feedback from initial Customers testing the API.

During this time, GreenFlux reserve the right to make breaking changes with shorter notice periods than usual. Until GreenFlux has officially indicated that it is a stable API, we ask Customers not to build any business critical processes on top of this API.

The Charge Location Management APIs allow API Users to both retrieve and update Locations and Charge Stations.

Currently GreenFlux still offers a Locations (v1) API which is based on OCPI.
These Charge Location APIs are built with OCPI in mind, but mainly to better reflect what is also visible in the EvPortal. We believe that this allows for better management (e.g. Tariff codes are at the CS-level instead of being set at the EVSE level only). Charge Station as an object does not exist in OCPI, so this is a 'new' concept.

These APIs have the following properties:

  • ability to write, e.g. create Location & Charge Station (as opposed to only read)
  • additional fields (e.g. CS configuration fields) to populate your data warehouses

For more information, see the Guides section