The MeterValue API returns different Meter Values from the charge station. Most common is kWh, A and V. It is a snapshot of the meter readings at that moment.

The MeterValue API is setup as a Batch processing API for Customers to ingest in their datalakes or other BI instances. It is not a real-time API.

Use Case

  • Metrics for a specific charge station - this allows to build a usage-profile of an individual CS or EVSE. The CDR or session API (GET) would only provide start and end time, but not the charging profile in between (or when energy was consumed)
  • Additional measurandsor units, e.g. Amps,

Pull Schedule

Metervalues are synced to Greenflux database once every hour at 20min past the hour. The processing time can take another ~6-7mins (as of writing) and includes those values until processing complete.

Our recommendation is to make a request at the hour for a period of 120-60mins mins ago.
e.g. at 14:00 for metervalues between 12:00 and 13:00. This would work also if GreenFlux changes the syncing time.


Response Time


Response time

Depending on the date range chosen, the Operation can take up to a minute or longer to