Push Location

GreenFlux can push Location updates to Customer platforms. This involves two calls:

  • PUT- initial creation of a Location
  • PATCH - location updates

Location status updates are near real-time.

PUT Location

    "id": "0d4ef8c6-e0c8-54c1d-b4f4-eb245f3f7afa",
    "type": "ON_STREET",
    "publish": "true",
    "name": "Gent Zuid",
    "address": "F.Rooseveltlaan 3A",
    "city": "Gent",
    "postal_code": "9000",
    "country": "BEL",
        "latitude": "51.047599",
        "longitude": "3.729944"
            "uid": "BE-BEC-E041503001",
            "evse_id": "BE*BEC*E041503001",
            "status": "AVAILABLE",
                    "id": "1",
                    "standard": "IEC_62196_T2",
                    "format": "CABLE",
                    "power_type": "AC_3_PHASE",
                    "voltage": 220,
                    "amperage": 16,
                    "tariff_id": "11",
                    "last_updated": "2015-03-16T10:10:02Z"
            "images": null,
            "last_updated": "2021-06-07T18:25:01Z"
    "directions": null,
        "name": "EVChargepointOperator",
        "logo": null
    "facilities": null,
    "last_updated": "2021-06-29T20:39:09Z"

Patch Location

For Patch Location, the URL will be:

PATCH To URL: https://www.server.com/locations/NL/GFX/0d4ef8c6-e0c8-54c1d-b4f4-eb245f3f7afa/BE-BEC-E041503001-1

"status": "CHARGING"

Typically this is just the Status, moving between AVAILABLE and CHARGING (or to a faulted state). But it could be any EVSE status: Location Status mapping