The Remote Commands API allows CPOs to send commands (Start, Stop, Reset, Unlock, Reserve) to a Charge Station.

Because Charge Stations can respond asynchronously, the response to the Remote Commands need to be retrieved in a separate call.
OCPI works with a response_url, however we will provide a 'charge_station_notification_id' to the API User that they can use to call the specific Notification Response API to retrieve the actual response from the Charge station.
Adding a response call might be something we add in the future.

So the first response from GreenFlux is a response whether the request was syntactically correct.
The charge station notification is the actual response from the Charge Station regarding the request.


Mobile App Usage

These Remote Commands, especially Start & Stop, are not be used for mobile application use, the Charge Assist API is more suited for this.



There is a limitation with the OCPI and OCPP Protocols, where the charging station doesn't provide a session ID in response to the Start Session command. Instead, the SESSION_ID must be acquired through the implementation of the Sessions API.